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We are a life insurance broker that specializes in life settlements and policy reviews. Changes in the life insurance industry has made premiums less expensive and life insurance companies underwriting more friendly. With the lowering cost of life insurance and changes in your family’s life insurance needs, it might make good financial sense to have your life insurance policy reviewed.

Silver Oak Insurance has the expertise in auditing each individual life policy and working with the client to insure that they receive the best solution for their life insurance needs. Life insurance is probably the most complicated and confusing insurance product on the market. Like all other investments, life insurance policies should be reviewed on a regular basis. If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, then our team of life insurance policy review experts will conduct a full evaluation of your policy and provide you with a comprehensive review without any cost or obligation.

  • Do you ask yourself whether or not your policy is worth the premium outlay?
  • Do you wonder if there is something out there that is more cost-effective?
  • Do wonder if the underlying investments of your Universal Life, Variable Universal Life, or Whole Life policy are performing appropriately?
  • Are you still paying premiums when you expected them to stop? Do you know if and when they will every cease?
  • Have you experienced a “Life Needs” change?
  • Has your health improved, lost weight or stopped smoking?

Mrs. Howard 62 recently contacted us for a policy review, she wanted a guaranteed policy that would not be effected by market conditions, and would lower her premium and possibly increase her coverage, here was the result,

Previous Now
Premium: $32,000.00 $18,500.00
Coverage: $2,000,000.00 $3,000,000.00
Duration: Guaranteed Age 100 Guaranteed Age 100

Premium was reduced $13,500
Coverage was increased $1,000,000

Mrs. Howard’s death benefit is guaranteed to age of 100. Market conditions will NOT have any effect on the coverage amount or duration.

Life Insurance Review and Audit

Silver Oak Insurance has relationships with many top rated life insurance companies offering a wide choice of quality products to help you meet your life insurance needs. We only review life insurance policies, which include whole life, universal life, variable life and variable universal life and term life insurance. Most insurance policies death benefit can be enhanced, more targeted and appropriate coverage can be attained, cash values can be accessed while retaining the same or lower premiums. Joint coverage can be instituted for individual coverage, single premiums can be substituted for ongoing future systematic premiums, one type of policy can be substituted for another more appropriate type. Contact us for your life insurance review or life settlement options and see if we can lower your premiums and enhance your life insurance coverage.

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